Take control of your business

With a solution that fits your needs


You know what drives your business and what your business needs to grow. Why waste time shopping around for software that almost meets those needs, only to find that it is incompatible with things that you are already using? With a solution that fits from Passing Shadow we work with you to design the interface and integration. Don't like where the menus are? We'll change it! Want it to support multiple languages? We'll make it happen. This is your software and you are in control.



Regardless of whether your target is a windows PC or a Redhat server our developers have the experience and skills to work within your environment. Don't have all of the equipment you need? No problem! We will work with you in deciding the best platform for your solution and within your budget. We'll even help source the components. With Passing Shadow there is no upcharge to help get you the technology you need. We charge for our solutions, not theirs.


We all know that installation and assembly instructions can be almost impossible to decipher at times. Don't you wish you could just have the people that designed it come in and install it? With Passing Shadow that is exactly what you get. We will personally oversee installation and training on your new solution. We are so vested in making sure it fits that we'll even offer the first 90 days of support free! So even after installation if you find some element that needs changed we'll change it at no additional cost!*


Your business is important. You don't lightly invest in a solution and when you do it needs to work. That is why we offer a variety of affordable support options that can keep you covered 24*7*365. When you need help Passing Shadow's solution experts will be right there ready to bring peace of mind back
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